Countdown through memory lane

I had a little trip down memory lane today. What I mean by this is, me and a friend got a bit over excited about old CBBC programs and the memories just came flooding back. This inspired me to make a countdown of my top ten favourite kids TV shows of 2000-2010. So, without further ado, let the nominations begin!

10. The Wild Thornberrys

The Wild Thornberrys was an American cartoon about a family of documentary film makers who travelled all around the world in their caravan. The youngest daughter, Eliza, had the gift of being able to talk to animals animals and went on many adventures with the families pet chimp, Darwin, in tow. Just like every quality imported cartoon in the 2000’s, every episode had a moral behind it, usually discovered by Eliza and Darwin on their adventures.

9. Dick and Dom in da Bungalow

This was a comedy game show presented by Dick and Dom, which took place in ‘their bungalow home’. It consisted mainly of games, usually involving custard, in which two teams of children would compete to earn ‘bungalow points’. It then ended with a huge custard pie fight, and the winners (the team with the most ‘bungalow points’) where crowned. For the first 8 years of my life, this was the definition of a Saturday morning.

8. Batfink

Another american cartoon, but this time starring a super hero bat and his sidekick ‘Karate’. Batfink’s power was wings of steel, which he used to defend himself from bullets. Of course, he used this power for good, and aided the police in fighting criminals, such as mad scientists and robots.

7. Tom and Jerry

The classic cartoon. This show entailed the story of the classic rivalry between the house cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry). Although most programs showed Tom being outwitted by Jerry and causing mayhem and destruction, they occasionally teamed up to achieve a mutual goal and showed that, deep down, they really cared for each other.

6. Cave Girl

This was a live action comedy about the adventures  of a teenage cave girl. She is very feisty, individual and a bit of tomboy. Me and my sister absolutely loved this program, we even made our mum make us Cave Girl costumes!

5. The Cramp Twins

This was an American cartoon about two twins, Wayne and Lucien, who had pretty extreme sibling rivalry problems. In fact, the title sequence even showed them having a fight in their mothers womb! Lucian was very clever and kept a pet worm under his bed. He was the more sensitive of the twins, often called names and bullied by his less intelligent, tear away twin, Wayne.

4. Watch my Chops

An American cartoon starring a teenage dog-sitter, Bernie, who discovers the dog he is looking after, Corneil, can speak. However, Bernie is the only one who knows about Corneil’s intelligence and must keep it a secret, especially from his owners. Bernie and Corneil have a pretty uneasy friendship but Corneil still uses his intelligence and wits to get Bernie out of numerous sticky situations.

3. Arthur

Another classic. This cartoon told the stories of Arthur the aardvark and his friends, all various other animals. It basically showed his everyday life, at home and at school, in a humorous way that always had a very strong message behind it. One of my all time favourite TV shows that I still kinda enjoy today… shhhh.

2. Yvon of the Ykon

This is at number two simply because of it’s plain weirdness. Another American cartoon, but this time about a French explorer who attempted to sail around the world only to get knocked out of his boat and frozen in the ice for 300 years. He is then defrosted (still alive) when his best-friend-to-be Tommy’s husky dog wee’s on him. He then sets up life in the Ykon by moving into a wooden shack and only wearing a red shirt and a pair of blue pants. He also becomes friends with Tommy, a local teenager who’s dog defrosted him, and his dad who runs a bar from their house.

And finally…

1. Fairly odd Parents

This is my childhood in a TV show.

This is another cartoon that tells the story of a little boy called Timmy. Timmy has two Fairy God parents who disguise themselves as his fish and can grant him any wish he wants. This basically gives the message ‘be careful what you wish for’ and Timmy is not always clever with his wishes. He gets himself into lots of scrapes and, since his Fairy God parents can’t undo wishes, it’s up to him to solve them. He also has an arch enemy, his baby sitter Vicky, and, hence the title, a pair of fairly odd parents.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip through memory lane, and maybe sparked up a few memories of your own!

Thanks for reading!


6 procrastination methods and how to combat them

I hate to say it, but procrastination is one of my worst habits. If I have set myself a task for that day, for instance, finish a drawing I have started the day before I would literally rather do anything than that one drawing. I will happily do another drawing, art homework or sometimes. Even. English homework. But, ironically, if I have art homework due the next day I will happily draw anything but what I need to for art.

Anyway, since procrastination is a wide spread problem I have made a list of my top six procrastination methods and how to combat them

1.Watching friends.

I love friends and watch it way to much. I have the box set and have watched every single episode at least three times. See, if I’m doing homework and decide to give myself an undeserved break, I think to myself ‘I’ll just watch one episode… and another… just one more’ and end up watching an entire series. I am out of control.

You can combat this by making sure your TV or DVD is out of your site as if you can see or hear an object it makes the temptation much greater. You can also tell yourself that if you finish whatever your doing you can congratulate yourself by watching whatever it is that’s tempting you.

2. Social media.

A common causer of procrastination. It makes it even worse that my sister made the laptop automatically show facebook and twitter when you open up the internet. This means I find myself mindlessly browsing for hours instead of doing what I am supposed to.

You can combat this by making sure your computer does not show you facebook or alert you when you have a message. If you are being distracted by social media on your phone then either turn it or the alert off. If your phone makes a noise to tell you you have a facebook or text or email then you are much more tempted to check it and it takes the average person 20-40 minutes to regain concentration after checking social media.

3. music.

I tend to listen to music when I do everything, homework, cleaning, even in the shower. With some types of homework I find it useful, it tends to make me concentrate more as I am also enjoying it and not bored out of my mind. However, if I’m writing an essay and I have music on I end up either writing the lyrics down by accident or dancing around my room singing at the top of my voice.

You can combat this by either playing lyricless music or none at all. However, if I have no music on I find myself getting very  bored and restless but hey, everyone’s different.

5. Eating.

This is probably my worst one. The minute I become bored, I trick myself into thinking I’m hungry or thirsty or most of the time, both. I then take the longest time possible to make myself a cup of coffee and grab a biscuit just to avoid doing what I’m meant to. I often end up taking 20 minutes just to make a coffee by being ridiculously precise about the amount of water, coffee and milk, often using scales and measuring jugs in the process.

You can combat this by, just like the TV, hiding all food from your sight. If you can’t see or smell it, you won’t be tempted by it and won’t become hungry. I mean, it’s fine to have a cup of coffee while working just try not to take 20 minutes making it.

6. Blogging.

While trying to work, I will often have a sudden blogging idea and find myself either writing and posting it or scribbling it down in great detain in my english book. However, the minute I realize I haven’t posted in like a week I have no ideas and end up sitting and staring at my computer screen for hours on end with nothing to write.

Anyway, you can combat this by writing down an idea in notes. What I try to do if I have a sudden burst of creativity whilst doing something important is write it down in very vague and quick notes and write and post it when I have the time. This means my idea won’t be forgotten but also won’t interfere with things much more important than blogging.

So there you have it, 6 ways to procrastinate and how to combat them. I hope this maybe helped in some way? Anyway, go do something and stop procrastinating!

plastic bag full of plastic bags

Is it just me who has a plastic bag full of other plastic bags in their house? It hit me today that I only think of this as normal because my mum has been collecting these bags since I can remember.
These bags are currently stored under the stairs in the plastic bag our TV came in. However, I’m not sure how much time we have left before the understairs storage can take no more. After all, these bags are never even used for anything, what kind of emergency are my parents storing them for?

Sofa beds

So my visiting family have finally decided to leave after spending about 10 minutes kissing everyone 5 times. I have also had three horrific nights of sharing the tiny sofa bed with my 6ft 17 year old sister. I still don’t understand why we where forced to give up our beds since we actually live in this house? Anyway, this ‘double’ sofa bed is pretty much a single bed with 2 inches tacked on the side. It also has a tendency to ping back in the night, almost folding me and my sister into the sofa. And as if this wasn’t enough to give me sleepless nights, its in the same room as the TV. This means my sister, who never sleeps, sits up till 4 watching shopping channels… Why?