Quartet of radiance award (say waaaa?)

I would like to send lots of squishy virtual hugs and kisses to deepbluesandseafoamgreens for lighting up that little speech bubble button with such a lovely orange colour (I think orange may be becoming my favourite colour, it used to be green but an alarming number of my possessions are becoming orange). Anyway, back to the point, this truly fabulous fellow blogger (try saying that five times over) has nominated me for not one… not two… not three… but FOUR AWARDS! I believe my exact words where ‘SAY WHAAAAAT?’

By the end of her post not only was I uplifted but had an entire left hand of orange nails. However, the colour I decided to paint my nails is completely irrelevant so let us begin.

1. The Influential Blogger Award

20140328-083506 pm.jpg

2. The Awesome Blog Content Award

20140328-083611 pm.jpg

3. The Inner Peace Award

20140328-083639 pm.jpg

4. The Sunshine Award

20140328-083709 pm.jpg

1. Thank the beautiful person who nominate you (granted you have probably never met them but it’s nice to be nice).
2. Nominate other people.
3. Describe yourself with the alphabet.
4. Smile till you can’t smile no more!
5. Pass the award on.


Anteater – before you fully process this, let me explain. When I used to go to the zoo with my dad and sister (and still enjoy the occasional trip now) the anteaters where always my favourite animals and I couldn’t leave the zoo until I’d seen them.

Ballet – just a general hobby of mine that unfortunately involves performing, MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

Cool – am I allowed to describe myself as cool? No. Let’s move on.

Daydream – I am one of those people who will be looking over your head while you talk to them and replying with constant ‘mmm’s and ‘yeah’s, while really thinking up a way of escaping if a zombie apocalypse happened right now.

Energetic – unfortunately, not in a good way. I don’t use my energy to play sport or, potentially, save the world, I use it for leg jerking and finger tapping. If you are given the unfortunate fate of sitting next to me in an exam you may as well give up cause I will distract you and distract you without even realising the tapped out tune of club tropicana is not only entering my ears, but echoing around the room and causing many evil looks to be thrown in my direction.

Fabulous – that’s right darling.

Gossip – I am a sucker for a good bit of gossip. But trust me, this is not bitchiness, it is a public service I am providing.

Hamsters – LOOK HOW CUTE *squeals*

Irrelevant – I am aware of, and totally fine with, the fact the most of the things I say are completely irrelevant to anything and anyone around me. I appear to have been born with out the part of the brain that allows people to keep their personal thoughts personal.

Jealous – hey that’s just the way I am.

Knowledgeable –  I don’t know much about maths or english, but I do know that all polar bears are left handed.

Lake sunset – my favourite Yankee candle scent. ‘Well that’s just summer in a bowl’. Does anyone get the reference?

Mad – if talking to yourself really is the first sign of madness then I am totally insane. Not only do I talk to myself, but I talk to totally inanimate objects. I feel so sorry for my sewing machine. No one deserves that much verbal abuse.

Nerdy – I’ll take that as a compliment!

Of my rocker – what, me?

Peculiar – Lets just say I don’t like to blend in…

Quizzical – I ask far to many questions, often not even leaving time for the answer before launching into another one. Sometimes I wonder if I’m quizzical or down right stupid.

Roasted hazelnut latte – who could resist…?

S club 7 – my first ever album was ‘Seeing double’ by S Club 7. Oh the memories…

Timid – I would rather stay in my own little world and not have to deal with all the scary and unnecessary (in my mind anyway) things outside.

Upbeat – although I may often seem down in the dumps, there’s not a lot that can knock my little world out of kilter.

Voracious – anyone got an oreo?

Wonderful – well, so I’ve been told *flicks hair*

XENOPS – I don’t know what this means but it came up when I typed in ‘words beginning with x’.

Yawn – Man, the alphabet is pretty darn long.

Zombie apocalypse – it could happen, ok?

Is that everything?


Now the exciting bit;

drum-role please (I did try to recreate a drum-role but my key board is not sufficient enough)

Kattie Kate I like this blog. A lot. Is more of an explanation needed?

Daisy of Grace Such a cute blog! Her posts are always so cute and creative, definitely worth a follow!

 Girl on the Contrary  Goodness gracious I can relate to this blog.

2014 and some change  Her posts make me laugh. Need I say more?

I thinks my fingers may drop off.

Give all the above blogs a read, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Thanks again to the ever amazing Z for nominating me YOU DESERVE CUDDLES AND OREOS.

I will leave you with this