The Firework Code

Remember remember the 5th of November… does anyone actually know the rest of that?

Anyway, tonight is firework night and I am going to the display in my local park. I have never been to this because I can watch them for free from my front window but I always go back to school to hear horror stories of the burns and explosions that occurred the night before. This got me thinking, would I actually know what to do in a firework related emergency? The answer to this is no, I would simply stand there and panic.

Therefore, I have decided to bring you the firework code

  •  Keep fireworks in a closed box
  •  Follow the instructions on each firework
  •  Light all fireworks at arms length
  •  Stand well back
  •  Never go back to a lit firework
  •  Never put fireworks in your pocket
  •  Never throw fireworks
  •  Keep Pets indoors
  •  Always supervise children with sparklers.
  • Teach them to hold the sparkler at arms length, but not near anyone else
  • Sparklers are not for the under 5’s
  •  Have a container of water handy, big enough for the sparkler. Dump the sparkler in it as soon as it goes out.

I also looked up how to deal with a burn. You should run it under cold water for at least 10 minutes then wrap it in cling film (saran wrap) to prevent scarring. If you think the burn looks serious, call the emergency services.

I hope this was vaguely helpful and understandable.

Anyway, weather you’re going to a big display, having your own fireworks or simply watching the pretty lights from the comfort of your own home, have fun and stay safe!

(Why is Google’s homepage themed around ‘Raymond Loewy’s 120th birthday’ and not firework night?)