The world needs to make it’s mind up

Today I was in a particularly bad mood. And I’m not talking an ‘I’m-feeling-bad-so-I’ll-go-and-brood-in-silence’ mood, I’m talking an ‘I-hate-everything-and-everyone-in-this-world-I-apologise-for-the-fact-my-hormones-are-making-me-cry-with-anger-at-you-but-not-really-cause-I-hate-you’ kind of mood. 

Unfortunately this I-hate-everything-and-everyone-in-this-world-I-apologise-for-the-fact-my-hormones-are-making-me-cry-with-anger-at-you-but-not-really-cause-I-hate-you mood coincided with shopping for my sisters birthday present with my mum, someone who tends to bear the brunt of my PMS (it’s not my fault she becomes intensely and unbearably irritating in this particular week). 

Anyway, whilst carefully examining two CD’s to work out which one my sister would prefer, my mum sighed with exasperation and muttered ‘make your bloody mind up’ in the kind of way that is both under her breath and loud enough for me to hear and hopefully take the hint at the same time. This comment not only irritated me because I was lovingly and thoughtfully trying to work out how I would make my sisters birthday present special, but because, well, how the hell am I supposed to make my mind up when the world quite simply can’t. 

I mean, just look at the messages we are given on a daily basis;

It’s Ok to be fat… but you mustn’t be (the fact we are constantly being told to be comfortable in our own skin and not conform to societies view of the perfect body would be fine, if we weren’t also being told that we’re all overweight and must eat the right food and do the right amount to exercise in order to stay a ‘healthy’ weight.)

Education isn’t as important as your happiness… but make sure you get good grades or you’ll ruin your life (Can’t you be happy and get good grades? Well, I am quickly realising that that is not an option (unless of course you have the ability to pass exams without many nights sat in front of a work book frantically cramming names and dates of a subject you quite frankly couldn’t care less about))

You aren’t a piece of meat… but if I can see your school skirt below your blazer you’re a bit weird (In my school you are seen as an outsider if you wear your skirt at a reasonable length. This doesn’t effect me personally (I actually quite like my legs!) but it’s still giving us a bad impression of what looks ‘nice’)

You must be your self… but not too much (Being yourself is a good thing, until you actually do it, then you’re destined to a life as an outsider)

You mustn’t label yourself… but we’re gonna do it anyway (You must never label yourself, after all, everyone’s individual… right? WRONG. Apparently people fit into five main groups (mainly based on you’re instagram feed and ability to take selfies))

Ok, this outburst came from a totally unimportant and everyday situation, but you try going shopping when you’re in an I-hate-everything-and-everyone-in-this-world-I-apologise-for-the-fact-my-hormones-are-making-me-cry-with-anger-at-you-but-not-really-cause-I-hate-you mood.



My autumn/fall essentials

So here it is guys. The sun has reclined back to Australia and the clouds are rearing their ugly heads. This can only mean one thing. Autumn is here! I spend 50% of my life convincing myself that autumn and winter are my favorite seasons, which they are, until they actually turn up.  Anyway, along with autumn comes a big BIG BIG essentials list I convince myself to minimize my bank balance on. Before you read the rest of this post, here is a warning. If you have access to more that 10 pounds, you will most likely spend it.

  1. Tracksuit bottoms. And the occasional matching top. Before you judge me just imagine this. You are snuggled up on a sofa with a cup of hot choccy with marshmallows and cream (of course) watching you favorite film with the warmest matching trackies on. You may as well just start saving now.
  2. Candles. The sort of spicy candles that smell of Christmas. Come on, there’s only 67 days left!
  3.   Uggs. These are a bit like marmite. You either love them or hate them. However, just like me and marmite, we go through phases. At the moment, to the disgust of some of my fashion-impaired friends, I love them and they have been keeping my toes toasty and warm since the 2nd of October.
  4.  Lip balm. As the central heating goes up, lip health goes down, and I just can’t stand a chapped lip. Due to this pet hate, I have invested in a number of lip balms in the past couple of weeks. I would recommend Burts Bee’s, Palmers, carmex or the good old trusty Vaseline.
  5.  Pajamas. My life just feels incomplete without at least three pairs of pj’s. During summer, pajama shorts are essentially my best friend but now the winter months have commenced, I wouldn’t be able to get by with out a couple of pairs of the good old checkered pj’s.
  6.  Moisturizer. A small obsession of mine at the moment. Weather it’s face hands or body, you name it and I probably have it.
  7. Internet shopping. I am a self confessed shopaholic. Although I rarely actually have the money to buy these things, during the cold seasons, it is a favorite pass time of mine to browse the web, wishing and admiring, without having to leave the comfort of my own bedroom.
  8.  A camera. Even if its just a phone camera, this is a personal essential for me. There are just so many beautiful things that come with autumn; the leaves, flowers, frosty mornings, dewy spider webs. in my opinion, they’re all far to lovely to be forgotten.
  9. Dark lipsticks. Winter and autumn are times to indulge in the usually frowned upon dark lipsticks. At the first opportunity I had I went more that a little over the top in superdrug and bought four gorgeous lip colors, my personal favorite begin a beautiful plumby red.
  10.   Soup. I love soup.
  11. And last but not least, dressing up costumes! Halloween is quickly approaching and no matter how old you are, you can shove on a pair of cat ears and go trick or treating or have a couple of friends round for a Halloween party! I am personally planning on dressing up as a pumpkin. Original I know.

So those are my autumn essentials. I hope I didn’t persuade you to spend all your money.


So me and a few friends decided to get the train to a shopping centre today! Big mistake.
All was going fine until we had to go home. We got on a train which ran smoothly until we had to change to a different train. We had done this on the way and it had worked perfectly! Anyway, our train never turned up and we ended up stranded in a station in a tiny village with nothing in it for an hour and a half. The only person within a two mile radius was a parking warden who was helpfully on the other side of the tracks and left after half an hour. We could have been raped and murdered or kidnapped and no one would have any evidence about any thing. Like seriously this station had no staff and the only civilisation was an occasional train going past the station without stopping. I considered throwing myself on the tracks. Anyway, 2 hours later I finally made it home and was grounded by my parents for getting lost with a dead phone.

internet shopping

After school on friday I decided to do some internet shopping since I have a number of unwanted non-uniform days coming up. The reason these are unwanted is I have 3 outfits since I only ever have to wear non-uniform two days in a row. This means 5 days of non-uniform is one of my worst fears.
Anyway, yesterday I woke up to the exciting email that my purchases had been dispatched. They arrived today and when I tried them on they where all too big. Since when did size 6 mean size 10?

Sofa beds

So my visiting family have finally decided to leave after spending about 10 minutes kissing everyone 5 times. I have also had three horrific nights of sharing the tiny sofa bed with my 6ft 17 year old sister. I still don’t understand why we where forced to give up our beds since we actually live in this house? Anyway, this ‘double’ sofa bed is pretty much a single bed with 2 inches tacked on the side. It also has a tendency to ping back in the night, almost folding me and my sister into the sofa. And as if this wasn’t enough to give me sleepless nights, its in the same room as the TV. This means my sister, who never sleeps, sits up till 4 watching shopping channels… Why?