It’s that awkward time of year again

So here we are, that awkward few days between boxing day and new year. The leftovers have been eaten, the presents opened, the sales exhausted yet we still have new year looming over our heads.

I tend to spend this time trailing around depleted sales after my enthusiastic friends desperately searching my purse for non-existent Christmas money with my left hand and presenting my phone to the shop ceiling like Simba the lion with my right in an attempt to connect to the various ‘open’ Wifi services. I then return home to yet another leftover turkey dish which become progressively less and less like the roasted bird we enjoyed all that time ago as the days go by.

However, this year I have decided to use these days more productively. Why must we subject ourselves to the disappointment of an empty purse or the embarrassment of realising you are 2p short just before the counter and having to give your place up to another bargain hungry, dead-eyed shopper? Well, the answer to that is we do not have to. This year I have avoided shops, dodged sales and restrained from dipping into my savings.

Nevertheless, we cannot spent this period of time simply wrapped up in blankets, gorging on the left over Christmas chocolates. No, we must use this time to prepare for the new year, and here’s how to do it;

  1. Clean out your wardrobe. VERY IMPORTANT. We must dispose of the fashion mistakes we have collected through the year and make way for Christmas clothes and, well, new year means new lines! (However, make sure any clothes that can still be worn go to charity shops, not the bin!)
  2. Plan a new years ever party. What could brighten up this time more than planning a party? However, if like me, you don’t want the stress of hosting a party or you are not old enough then plan something smaller. Just have a few friends over for pizza and a movie or a sleepover.
  3. Do some internet shopping. If, unlike me, you have managed to save some Christmas money, do some sales shopping in the comfort of your own home. This is a great thing to do after cleaning out your wardrobe as you can plan what you need and make sure you only buy things you will wear.
  4. Do something besides shopping. Gasp. I know it’s winter and there’s not a great deal of things to do but be creative. Go ice-skating, get wrapped up and go for a winter walk on the beach, go to a friends house and do some baking, buy an all day bus ticket and see where the route takes you, I don’t know, just anything but sales shopping!
  5. If you’re a girl, go through your makeup and hair stuff and try out some new styles using what you already have. Honestly, you’ll be surprised by what’s been lurking in your drawers all year!
  6. Finally, do your Christmas homework. Yes I know it’s a chore, believe me, but you’ll be able to relax for the rest of the holidays and it’ll avoid any ‘it’s 10 o’clock and that massive project is due tomorrow oh *bad word*’ moments.

So that’s how I’ll be spending the next few days. I hope this was helpful in someway.. maybe?

Happy new year!

Thanks for reading!x


Being the younger sibling

Why is it that people always assume being the younger sibling is better? As a younger sibling myself I can tell you with confidence that it is not. I do not get more attention, I am not spoiled and I most certainly do not get away with everything.

As for getting more attention, I would have to say that my older sister gets a great deal more then me. It’s not that my parents favor her or think more of her, she is just always doing something academically more important then me. When she started secondary school, she was this ‘big girl’ going to ‘big school’ and it was all very exciting. However, when I started, it was more like ‘yeah, what else is new?’ Now I have started my GCSE’s, my sister is in her second year of A-levels and, of course, I ‘have to do all her chores because GCSE’s are nothing compared to A-levels’. When I actually take my GCSE’s next year, she will have just started university and, surprise surprise, it will all be about her. AGAIN.

She is also a lot more academically talented than me. It’s not that I find academic subjects particularly challenging, I am just more creative and not up to my sisters standards. I know my parents aren’t meaning to pressure me to get as good grades as my sister, but I still feel a lot of stress to live up to her high standards. However, I also feel that, in the unlikely event of me doing better than her, I will be overshadowing her and making her feel bad about herself. She already (incorrectly) thinks I am the favorite sibling.

My sister also gets all moody whenever my parents buy something for me, which is a rarity anyway as I am given money to buy myself what I need. However, my mum tends to help me out when buying expensive items such as shoes and coats. Whenever this happens she immediately forgets the fact that she gets over 3 times more pocket money than me and has a job, and goes into a strange angry, sarcastic mood for days.

On the subject of clothing, me and my sister both have very unique styles which unfortunately means we occasionally buy the same item of clothing by accident. Of course this is always blamed on me as she claims I copy her style (to which I will usually reply with a mature ‘who’d want to look like you?’) which is completely wrong, we just both like to dress a little different from everyone else, which sometimes results in a little similar to each other.

As for getting away with everything, well, neither of us do. Any acts of cheekiness are generally committed by both of us after long winded planning sessions in her bedroom.

I am sure if you are a younger sibling you will completely agree, and if you are an older sibling you will unsubscribe. However much this post may have made me seem as though I loathe my sister, we get on pretty well for siblings and I love her to pieces. I am also pretty sure she feels all the above about me to…

Where my money goes

This morning I opened my purse. Big mistake. I discovered I own 60p. Out of all the money in the UK, 60p of it is mine. This got me thinking, where does my money really go? Time for a detailed analysis!
1. Clothes. And a lot of them. When I turned 14 my mum introduced something called a ‘clothing allowance’. This meant she would give me a certain amount of money a month under the agreement that I would buy all my clothes. This was meant to teach me about the value of money which it did, after I spent it all in topshop within the first two days of the month.
2. Food. Food, just like clothing, is essential. But maybe not in the quantity I buy it. I mean lunch in town a few times a month or the odd dinner at nandos is fine, but I have this thing where if i have, say, 50p left in my purse I have to spend it. And what’s the best thing you can buy for 50p? FOOD! Yeah, I’m just hoping my overly effective metabolism lasts me a very long time.
3. Train tickets train tickets train tickets. If you are a regular visitor here (not that I have many) you will have read about some traumatic train experiances. Despite these, I absolutely love trains and will get one at any excuse I have. Infact, on one boring Sunday afternoon, me and my friend bought a ticket, got on the next train and just sat there. We ended up riding all the way to Liverpool Street. And I live in South Essex.
5. Books. I love books. I read so much it probably takes me, on average, around a week to get through the normal 300 page book. I have 6 shelves in my room just full off books. And I’m running out of space so they are now beginning to build up in piles on the floor.
6. Other tickets. Cinema, bus, the peer, you get the picture.
7. Jewellery. I’m not sure if this counts as clothing but I buy and wear so much of it it deserves its own category. My current love is rings. I wear like 10 just on one hand.
8. Presents. Aww aren’t I so lovely and selfless? But seriously, birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family cost SO MUCH! I’ve decided to knit my friends Christmas gifts this year. Wow. I’m such a granny.

So, that’s what I spend my money on! I wander how much I could save if I only bought what I really needed?

Pay to pee?

Despite my traumatic experience with trains earlier this month, today me and my friends decided to take a trip to the beach with a disposable BBQ and a lot of bottles of drink.
Obviously this resulted in all of us needing to pee, little did we know the trouble this would cause us. It was one of those toilets where you have to insert a 50p coin (and a 50p coin only) to get through the turn style. Seriously, isn’t that a bit too much security for a toilet? But, not only did this toilet have a turn style, but a depressed middle aged man standing next to it to make sure no one climbed over. Wow. Talk about over protective.
Anyway, I did not have a 50p, but a £2 coin. I politely asked the man if he could swap me some change before he politely told me to ‘pee in the ocean if you ain’t got the change’. I told him my train came in half an hour so I couldn’t and that I was really desperate and could I please use the toilet. The answer, of course, was no. I ended up having to buy a drink in Starbuck so I could use their toilet and believe me it was a lot more expensive than 50p.
Anyway, this is when it occurred to me, when did it become acceptable to expect people to pay for something they physically have to do? Its not like we choose to pee, we would die if we didn’t so why does a middle aged man expect me to pay 50p to do so? This world confuses me.


Hi, just a quick update to say sorry for the horrifically boring look of my page. Unfortunately, I have no money and my parents refuse too pay for me to be able to personalize my blog. I decided there was a need to post this after having a look at some other pages and they look soso pretty! Even if I do eventually get enough money to pay for it, I doubt I’m skilled enough to make much of an improvement…