6 procrastination methods and how to combat them

I hate to say it, but procrastination is one of my worst habits. If I have set myself a task for that day, for instance, finish a drawing I have started the day before I would literally rather do anything than that one drawing. I will happily do another drawing, art homework or sometimes. Even. English homework. But, ironically, if I have art homework due the next day I will happily draw anything but what I need to for art.

Anyway, since procrastination is a wide spread problem I have made a list of my top six procrastination methods and how to combat them

1.Watching friends.

I love friends and watch it way to much. I have the box set and have watched every single episode at least three times. See, if I’m doing homework and decide to give myself an undeserved break, I think to myself ‘I’ll just watch one episode… and another… just one more’ and end up watching an entire series. I am out of control.

You can combat this by making sure your TV or DVD is out of your site as if you can see or hear an object it makes the temptation much greater. You can also tell yourself that if you finish whatever your doing you can congratulate yourself by watching whatever it is that’s tempting you.

2. Social media.

A common causer of procrastination. It makes it even worse that my sister made the laptop automatically show facebook and twitter when you open up the internet. This means I find myself mindlessly browsing for hours instead of doing what I am supposed to.

You can combat this by making sure your computer does not show you facebook or alert you when you have a message. If you are being distracted by social media on your phone then either turn it or the alert off. If your phone makes a noise to tell you you have a facebook or text or email then you are much more tempted to check it and it takes the average person 20-40 minutes to regain concentration after checking social media.

3. music.

I tend to listen to music when I do everything, homework, cleaning, even in the shower. With some types of homework I find it useful, it tends to make me concentrate more as I am also enjoying it and not bored out of my mind. However, if I’m writing an essay and I have music on I end up either writing the lyrics down by accident or dancing around my room singing at the top of my voice.

You can combat this by either playing lyricless music or none at all. However, if I have no music on I find myself getting very  bored and restless but hey, everyone’s different.

5. Eating.

This is probably my worst one. The minute I become bored, I trick myself into thinking I’m hungry or thirsty or most of the time, both. I then take the longest time possible to make myself a cup of coffee and grab a biscuit just to avoid doing what I’m meant to. I often end up taking 20 minutes just to make a coffee by being ridiculously precise about the amount of water, coffee and milk, often using scales and measuring jugs in the process.

You can combat this by, just like the TV, hiding all food from your sight. If you can’t see or smell it, you won’t be tempted by it and won’t become hungry. I mean, it’s fine to have a cup of coffee while working just try not to take 20 minutes making it.

6. Blogging.

While trying to work, I will often have a sudden blogging idea and find myself either writing and posting it or scribbling it down in great detain in my english book. However, the minute I realize I haven’t posted in like a week I have no ideas and end up sitting and staring at my computer screen for hours on end with nothing to write.

Anyway, you can combat this by writing down an idea in notes. What I try to do if I have a sudden burst of creativity whilst doing something important is write it down in very vague and quick notes and write and post it when I have the time. This means my idea won’t be forgotten but also won’t interfere with things much more important than blogging.

So there you have it, 6 ways to procrastinate and how to combat them. I hope this maybe helped in some way? Anyway, go do something and stop procrastinating!


Where my money goes

This morning I opened my purse. Big mistake. I discovered I own 60p. Out of all the money in the UK, 60p of it is mine. This got me thinking, where does my money really go? Time for a detailed analysis!
1. Clothes. And a lot of them. When I turned 14 my mum introduced something called a ‘clothing allowance’. This meant she would give me a certain amount of money a month under the agreement that I would buy all my clothes. This was meant to teach me about the value of money which it did, after I spent it all in topshop within the first two days of the month.
2. Food. Food, just like clothing, is essential. But maybe not in the quantity I buy it. I mean lunch in town a few times a month or the odd dinner at nandos is fine, but I have this thing where if i have, say, 50p left in my purse I have to spend it. And what’s the best thing you can buy for 50p? FOOD! Yeah, I’m just hoping my overly effective metabolism lasts me a very long time.
3. Train tickets train tickets train tickets. If you are a regular visitor here (not that I have many) you will have read about some traumatic train experiances. Despite these, I absolutely love trains and will get one at any excuse I have. Infact, on one boring Sunday afternoon, me and my friend bought a ticket, got on the next train and just sat there. We ended up riding all the way to Liverpool Street. And I live in South Essex.
5. Books. I love books. I read so much it probably takes me, on average, around a week to get through the normal 300 page book. I have 6 shelves in my room just full off books. And I’m running out of space so they are now beginning to build up in piles on the floor.
6. Other tickets. Cinema, bus, the peer, you get the picture.
7. Jewellery. I’m not sure if this counts as clothing but I buy and wear so much of it it deserves its own category. My current love is rings. I wear like 10 just on one hand.
8. Presents. Aww aren’t I so lovely and selfless? But seriously, birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family cost SO MUCH! I’ve decided to knit my friends Christmas gifts this year. Wow. I’m such a granny.

So, that’s what I spend my money on! I wander how much I could save if I only bought what I really needed?


I am currently babysitting and exhausted after half an hour of trying to get a hyperactive 7 year old to go to bed. After 10 minutes of ‘mummy always let’s me stay up at weekends’ I finally put my foot down and told her to go to bed. At this point ‘road rules’ came on TV which she became very interested in and was insistent that she must watch it. I told her that no matter what her mum let’s her do, I had been told to put her to bed at 8 and she was going to bed at 8. She gave up on road rules and told me she’d lost her book. I spent 5 minutes looking for it in the kitchen before she came down and told me it was on her bed. I told her she could read for a bit and I’d come upstairs when she needed to go to sleep. Instead she insisted on sitting downstairs and reading to me. I gave up and let her read to me until she fell asleep and I could finally get her to bed.
There is an upside to all this though. I have a whole night of eating someone else’s food and get paid for it.

‘Half day’

Since it is the last day of term tomorrow (thank the Lord) my school has decided to treat us to a ‘half day’. Note the inverted commas. This half day is in fact, a normal day with half an hour chopped off the end. Literally.
The school has also kindly managed to squeeze every lesson but one and an hour long assembly into the ‘half day’ by merging break and lunch into one hour long food binge. We are also being forced to sit through this hour long assembly during one of the hottest days of the year wearing blazers. Really?

Homegrown potatoes

This morning my dad announced that the potatoes he planted in the vegetable patch (I didn’t even know we had a vegetable patch) where ready to be harvested. No one else in my entire family was aware of these potatoes but still, after an hour of scrabbling around in the depths of our garden with a trowel, he emerged holding 3 potatoes looking very proud of himself.
Despite the fact that two pizza’s had already been bought for dinner, my dad insisted that roast potatoes were compulsory. So I had a lovely dinner of pizza and half a roast potato.