What does life really give you for free?

I’ve always loved (and agreed with) the saying ‘people who say money can’t buy you happiness obviously don’t know where to shop’.
I am also constantly told by my mum that ‘nothing in life is for free’
As she shouted this in my face while I was trying to convince her that I could get an unused arctic monkeys cd on ebay for 50p, it got me thinking , what does life really give you for free?
1. Life. 99% of the time baby’s are born for free
2. Family. Apparently the most important thing in the world. My opinion on this changes hourly.
3. Friends. Usually these are free unless you are massively rich and attract gold diggers.
4. Love. Same as above.
5. Mini toothpastes on the front desk at the orthodontist.
6. Unwanted Arabian songs when you update itunes.
7. An imagination. People tend to loose this when they are about 12 but try to hang on to it. Its the most valuable thing you are born with.
8. A sense of humor. It may not seem like it but everyone has one and, unfortunately, its not something you can buy.
9. Laughter. It really is the best and cheapest medicine there is.
10. The ability to make someone else smile. It doesn’t take much to make someone smile and it will make you feel a million times better if you do.

So there you have it. 10 things life gives you for free and an argument for when your mum tells you ‘nothing in life is for free’


Sofa beds

So my visiting family have finally decided to leave after spending about 10 minutes kissing everyone 5 times. I have also had three horrific nights of sharing the tiny sofa bed with my 6ft 17 year old sister. I still don’t understand why we where forced to give up our beds since we actually live in this house? Anyway, this ‘double’ sofa bed is pretty much a single bed with 2 inches tacked on the side. It also has a tendency to ping back in the night, almost folding me and my sister into the sofa. And as if this wasn’t enough to give me sleepless nights, its in the same room as the TV. This means my sister, who never sleeps, sits up till 4 watching shopping channels… Why?

Visiting family

So today five family members turned up for an ‘unexpected stay’ in my four bed house… with four people already living in it. Despite being two of the four people who actually live in this house, me and my sister have both been kicked out of our rooms and forced to sleep on the single sofa bed.

Also, does anyone else feel like they can’t speak or walk or do anything they usually do when they have family over? Especially since i see my family about once every two years and barely recognize them when I do. I also have no idea when they’re leaving. Woop-de-do.