Is this an exam or…

So today I discovered that my English exam next term is to write a blog post.


I know, this should be a simple task for me as I write multiple blogs every week (OK, maybe not every week but I do my best). However, I am finding that this clash of hobby and examination has left me quite unnerved.

It has also made it increasingly difficult to hide the fact I do have a blog.

‘Does anyone in here have a blog?’ the teacher asked only to be replied with the blank faces of my class mates.

‘Pfft, who has a blog nowdays?’ asked the girl sitting next to me, her answer from me being a nervous laugh and a change of subject.

I also began to sweat what can only be descried as an unnatural and cascading amount as the teacher began searching for blogs written by teenagers, I mean, I know she’d have to scroll pretty far down to find this blog but boy was that the most stressful half hour I’ve ever spend to google. 

I was also vaguely shocked by all the language features that are apparently squeezed into every blog post. Is it just me that simply writes what comes to their head? Is this an absolutely awful blog? Actually… don’t answer that…

Anyway, I have now wasted half an hour of the time I was meant to be using writing practice blog posts.

Oh the irony.






Spelling, my strong point.

Today I discovered that GCSE’s have been changed so spelling and grammer are marked on every paper. This is a huge problem to me as I am 14 and still can’t spell ‘which’ without spellcheck. Seriously, I can never remember if there’s an h after the w or not…

Spelling has been a problem for a whole life, right from when I was in reception and spelt my one sylable name with 18 letters. Seriously. What is wrong with me? 

I also got 4 out of 30 in the ‘introduction spelling bee’ my english teacher kindly put together for us at the begining of the year. This may explain his ever lasting hatrid for me and the fact I moved down two sub levels in the space of 6 months. 

Yup, I’m doing great.

ps. I also dont know what this is ; like how are you meant to intigrate that into writing?

Writers block

Having writers block today is unfortunate for two reasons.

  1. I had my English language controlled assessment today and i kinda forgot. This meant I hadn’t prepared and probably got a D at the most. Only when I got to school and a friend said ‘hey, have you done your English planning sheet?’ did I realize part of my flipping GCSE was in less than an hour and I hadn’t prepared. I had a mental breakdown and wrote about 2 pages for what was meant to be a 2000 word story. Well done me.
  2. I then spent an hour trying to work out what to write for my blog today while I should have been doing my art which was actually due yesterday.

At least it’s the last week at school. I have no more energy.