Is this an exam or…

So today I discovered that my English exam next term is to write a blog post.


I know, this should be a simple task for me as I write multiple blogs every week (OK, maybe not every week but I do my best). However, I am finding that this clash of hobby and examination has left me quite unnerved.

It has also made it increasingly difficult to hide the fact I do have a blog.

‘Does anyone in here have a blog?’ the teacher asked only to be replied with the blank faces of my class mates.

‘Pfft, who has a blog nowdays?’ asked the girl sitting next to me, her answer from me being a nervous laugh and a change of subject.

I also began to sweat what can only be descried as an unnatural and cascading amount as the teacher began searching for blogs written by teenagers, I mean, I know she’d have to scroll pretty far down to find this blog but boy was that the most stressful half hour I’ve ever spend to google. 

I was also vaguely shocked by all the language features that are apparently squeezed into every blog post. Is it just me that simply writes what comes to their head? Is this an absolutely awful blog? Actually… don’t answer that…

Anyway, I have now wasted half an hour of the time I was meant to be using writing practice blog posts.

Oh the irony.






Another overdue post (4th Friday of new things)

Yes, I am aware that once again this is not a Friday. I am very sorry for my lack of motivation to actually keep up to date with this blog but it’s only 12 hours late this time…. thats an improvement, right?

Anyway, I’ve survived another week, so lets get going!

Saturday 18th January; I went in the car with my sister driving, a truly surreal and terrifying experience. She’s a learner and I decided to brave it and go on a test drive with her and my dad. She’s not a bad driver, in fact she’s pretty good, it’s just she will always be 15 in my head, even though I’m 15 now.

Sunday 19th January; I went an entire day with out speaking to my best friend. I have this one friend who I’ve known since I was 4. She is me. We are literally exactly the same person. Anyway, it’s been years since we’ve gone even 1 day with out some form of communication, weather it be face to face, text, facebook or snapchat.

Monday 20th January; I went an entire day without chocolate which, when you think about it, is a lot harder than it sounds. When I say a whole day without chocolate, I mean a whole day without chocolate. This means no biscuits, no hot chocolate, no chocolate ceriels and, the worst, NO COFFEE MOCHA *dramatic music*.

Tuesday 21st January; I played the guitar. I have flicked the strings of a guitar once before in a music lesson but, on Tuesday, I actually played a chord. Yup, my friend let me touch her guitar (unwillingly) and even taught me a chord. I have no idea which one but it sounded pretty darn good.

Wednesday 22nd January;  I saw an owl! I’d never seen an owl before but when I got up for school at the unnatural time of 6.30am, I opened my blind to see a very large, brown lump sitting in the tree opposite my house. I didn’t realise what it was a t first, probably because I had only just got up and the little hand on the clock hadn’t reached 7 yet, but, when it flew, I knew exactly what it was. My family don’t believe me, but I know what I saw and you believe me, right?

Thursday 23rd January; I ate an un-toasted marshmallow. I have no idea why I had never eaten an un-toasted marshmallow before and, I have to say, they most defiantly benefit from a good 5 minutes over a fire.

Friday 24th January; I drank an energy drink. Ok, this isn’t technically a first as I drank one when I was in year 6 and threw up in the hood of my friends coat, but I hadn’t tried one since for reasons you can probably guess. Anyway, I tried one and it just tasted like really cheap, flat cola that I used to buy in corner shops on the way home from Primary school. I didn’t throw upp in my friends hood though, which is always a bonus.

Another week over, and only one more left to go. January is a really long month.


That’s all I have to say for myself. Ooops.

Ugly is the only word I can think of to describe how much I’ve neglected this blog recently. Ugly and repulsive. I guess it’s cause I’m nearing the end of term so exams and deadlines I didn’t even know I had are popping up all over the place.

I’m going to try as hard as I can to keep up the blogging over Christmas (at least more than I have recently) but if I don’t post before then I hope you all have a very happy Christmas filled with joy, merriment and turkey.

Merry Christmas!

The one lovely blog award


A couple of days ago a fab fellow blogger Domestic Geek Girl nominated me for the one lovely blog award! Go check out her blog, it really is fantastic! Anyway, I have a bit of time and, from previous experience, know how long these award posts can take so with out further ado, lets get this show on the road!

Here are the rules for award:

Thank the one that nominated you.

Put up the picture for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Tell everyone seven things about yourself.

Nominate seven other people and tell them that you’ve nominated them

Easy huh? Let’s get started!

Seven facts about me I don’t think I’ve told you before…

  1. I’m a clean freak, but only at 10 o’clock at night. I’ll happily make as much mess as I want during the day but when it gets to 10 oh no, all that crap has to go in it’s rightful place or I will not sleep. This is quite a big problem in my life as it limits the amount of sleep I get pretty drastically.
  2. I have a Wispa bites addiction. If you don’t live in England you probably have no idea what these are so let me explain them in all their glory. Wispa bites are little cubes of chocolate but the inside is filled with tiny air bubbles that make it melt in your mouth. Kinda like Aero but with more chocolate and less air. Anyway, I will happily munch my way through 3 packets of these in one day and still not be satisfied. Yeah. I have a problem.
  3. I have never watched a full Harry Potter movie. Or read the books. Ok Ok, stop throwing things at your screen and let me explain. I don’t like fantasy. I never have and I probably never will. (This does not include the Hobbit which I actually enjoyed reading.) Anyway, I watched half of one film and simply couldn’t force myself to sit through another hour so played Mario Kart instead. I also read the first chapter of one of the books and just didn’t get on with it. Also, don’t bother asking which book or film it was cause I have no idea.
  4. I have never been admitted to Hospital. Actually, neither has my sister or my parents (excluding when my mum gave birth and my dad got a piece of beef wedged in his throat.) Anyway, I guess I’ve just been lucky and never needed to. I’ve never broken a bone, needed an operation or been seriously ill.
  5. I have had the song ‘Under the Sea’ from ‘The Little Mermaid’ stuck in my head for 3 hours now. I am going insane.
  6. My dinner is ready, back in a sec!
  7. I only know three of my times tables. I don’t know why but there’s something about them I just can’t grasp. And believe me, counting fours on your fingers when your fourteen is pretty embarrassing.

And, in no particular order, my nominees are:

  1. The diary of a curly girl
  2. Dainty daisy of grace
  3. Girl of the Contrary
  4. Kattie Kate
  5. Just another teen blogger
  6. The war in my brain
  7. ZooBoo

Phew! I hope you enjoyed peering into my personal life and to those I nominated, go spread the love!

Weather you where nominated or not, make sure you check out all the blogs I linked to in this post, you won’t regret it (promise).

Thanks again to Domestic Geek Girl for nominating me!

Thanks for reading!



How I went from very shy to not so shy

I recently wrote a post called ‘extroverts vs introverts‘ where I discussed the perks and problems of being a pretty extreme introvert such as myself. However, I must admit, when I wrote that post I had been gradually emerging from my shell for about a year and, this week, I think I may have finally broken free. This gave me some inspiration to write a post helping other introverted people to shake that shell loose.

  1.   What kick started my new found confidence was actually something completely out of my control. I had a sort of chain reaction of friendships. One new friend led to another which led to another which led to another and so on until I had a whole other group of friends. This made me loose any doubts I had about me being to boring or too quiet because, well, these people liked me so why worry?
  2. A couple of weeks after that I started this blog. Ok, Ok it was absolutely TERRIBLE to begin with but its a bit better now… right? Anyway, having somewhere where I could anonymously express my feelings was amazing and when I started to see people reading, liking and commenting on my work my confidence rocketed! I mean I don’t get a huge response but believe me, any comment or like I get gives me a little buzz of excitement that doesn’t go for hours.
  3. Smiling at people can make a huge difference to how people you don’t know perceive you. For example, if you are like the old me and walk around with a face like thunder trying to avoid all eye contact then people will assume you are a moody person and won’t want to talk to you. I gathered up all my confidence and started smiling at, well everyone. Seeing people smiling back just increased my confidence even more and puts me in an almost constant good mood.
  4. When I started smiling at people, they started actually wanting to come up and talk to me. At first this was, well, terrifying. When this first started happening I would become very awkward and often ended up making a vaguely offensive joke. Ahh my father has taught me well. Anyway, I soon had a good old talk to myself (I’m not mad, honest), once again gathered my confidence, and actually made the effort to make friends with these people. If you do this you will surprise yourself. I had no idea I could have a proper conversation with someone I haven’t known for at least a year but now I can make friends with in days!
  5. Finally, social media. I know social media is given a lot of bad press but if it’s used in the correct way it can be very very useful. If you’ve met someone at school or whatever and you’re finding it hard to talk to them in person, talk to them through a phone or computer. You can lay the foundations of a friendship much less awkwardly through a screen if you find it difficult to talk to new people. However, remember to only ever do this with people you have already met in real life, never strangers. Stranger danger lesson over.

So there you have it, how I went from very shy to not so shy. I may not have completely left my shell behind but I will certainly never rely on it as much as I used to.

Writers block

Having writers block today is unfortunate for two reasons.

  1. I had my English language controlled assessment today and i kinda forgot. This meant I hadn’t prepared and probably got a D at the most. Only when I got to school and a friend said ‘hey, have you done your English planning sheet?’ did I realize part of my flipping GCSE was in less than an hour and I hadn’t prepared. I had a mental breakdown and wrote about 2 pages for what was meant to be a 2000 word story. Well done me.
  2. I then spent an hour trying to work out what to write for my blog today while I should have been doing my art which was actually due yesterday.

At least it’s the last week at school. I have no more energy. 


Hi, just a quick update to say sorry for the horrifically boring look of my page. Unfortunately, I have no money and my parents refuse too pay for me to be able to personalize my blog. I decided there was a need to post this after having a look at some other pages and they look soso pretty! Even if I do eventually get enough money to pay for it, I doubt I’m skilled enough to make much of an improvement…