Happy birthday and welcome back me!

Exam season has finished for me and what does that mean? I can be the lonely lion again!

And boy have I missed myself…

Anyway, what better time to come back than my birthday! Did you get me a present? No? Well this is awkward…

That’s right, the lonely turns one today and, not to be a cliche, but really, it’s been that long?

I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet (except not really cause all I did was wish myself happy birthday) as I have a date with a Domino’s pizza *inhales deeply*.

I probably should have made this post more interesting by writing it when I wasn’t so… preoccupied.


Back to school tips

Since the school term officially began today (but I had a non-pupil day ha) I though I would share with you some useful tips on school.
So weather you’re a year 7 just starting ‘big school’, a bored teenager preparing for another laborious year (me) or you finished school and would like to reminisce about to your school days this post is for you.
1. Never, I repeat NEVER try to act older than you are. Especially if you are a year 7. I mean, you have the advantage of being vaugly cute, you haven’t got spots yet, your hair doesn’t become greasy within 24 hours, so don’t ruin it by being a protentious, obnoxious person. You will probably get slapped.
2. Don’t try to become popular. Lets face it, the more popular become, the more hated you become. This is inevitable so don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll be that ‘differant’ popular person who will be loved by everyone. You wont. However nice and lovely you are. You wont. Just try and keep yourself somewhere in the middle, people know who you are, but don’t care enough to hate you.
3. Don’t try and get in trouble cause you think it’s ‘cool’. Please. People who do this are the worst. You will end irritating everyone and double booked for detentions which, believe me, is not fun. Just do your homework and bring a pen. Its worth it.
4. Being a nerd is fine. I get called a nerd on a regular basis. If you like youtubers and always work hard and get decent marks there is no need to change yourself. Just try and get the balance right between friends and study and NEVER brag about good marks.
5. Be yourself and try to enjoy it. It may seem hard and complicated now but everyone says your school years are the best of you life. If something goes wrong just try and think ‘one day I’ll look back and laugh at this’

Anyway, I hope these helped somewhat and if you are starting school, try not to worry about it. It seems complicated now but just relax, go with the flow and everything will be fine. Trust me.