Technology wizz

The reason i haven’t posted in a while is my phone broke. I know that doesn’t sound like a reason but let me explain. My phone is the only bit of technology I own and therefore what I blog from. I don’t have a computer and my mums one wad broken, my sister won’t let me within a two mile radius of her precious iphone and my dad has a Nokia brick.
This meant my life was essentially over for those 5 days. My friends also decided to plan everything for the next 3 weeks of the holidays during that time so I’ll be spending them so alone.
Anyway, I have a new phone now and life is back on track. I’ve also decided my birthday present will definitely be a laptop, you know, for emergency’s like this.


What is the world coming too?

I am in shock. I am disappointed in the world. On the way home from school, a year 6 swore at me.
Usually, I would not care about being sworn at but this was a year 6! I’m sorry, but I thought bum was a swear word when I was in year 6. What is the world coming to? Its bad enough that all the year 7’s have iPhones! When I was in year 7 I had a pink slide up samsung with plastic diamonds on the back and I was the coolest kid. What has happened?

Technology breakdown

Yesterday, something terrible happened. The wifi broke and my phone died. I know, I’m not sure how I survived either.
It all started when I got home from school. I got my phone out, opened twitter but no feeds where coming through. I then turned the computer on to do my homework but google, it wasn’t responding. Despite this giving me a great excuse not to do my homework, I was beginning to become stressed. I turned the wifi on and off but still there was no connection. I began to become frantic, switching random buttons on the wifi box and refreshing google. Nothing worked.
My mum later returned from work and found me shaking in a ball on the living room floor. She then pointed out that my phone screen had gone purple. These were the worst words I had ever heard in my life.