So me and a few friends decided to get the train to a shopping centre today! Big mistake.
All was going fine until we had to go home. We got on a train which ran smoothly until we had to change to a different train. We had done this on the way and it had worked perfectly! Anyway, our train never turned up and we ended up stranded in a station in a tiny village with nothing in it for an hour and a half. The only person within a two mile radius was a parking warden who was helpfully on the other side of the tracks and left after half an hour. We could have been raped and murdered or kidnapped and no one would have any evidence about any thing. Like seriously this station had no staff and the only civilisation was an occasional train going past the station without stopping. I considered throwing myself on the tracks. Anyway, 2 hours later I finally made it home and was grounded by my parents for getting lost with a dead phone.


The bus driver

Today I had planned to go to a friends house via bus. Despite bus’s being vaguely terrifying, this is a bus I have taken hundreds of times before. Anyway, as soon as I got on the bus things went down hill. When I stepped through the door the first thing the driver said was ‘next time you want a bus, stick your arm out.’ Wow. Calm it mate. I then didn’t have the exact change. By that I mean it cost £1.90 and I had £2. Despite the 10p difference he did that sighing-headshake bus drivers do when you pay with a ten pound note. He gave me the 10p change and I went and sat down.
Two stops later he turned to me and said
‘don’t you get off here?’
‘Umm no?’
*sigh* ‘show me your ticket’
He then informed me that I had got the wrong ticket and it wasn’t his fault that I ‘don’t speak clearly enough’. Even though it was clearly his fault, he wanted me to pay another £1.30 to get where I actually wanted to go. I refused and he had what can only be described as an adult tantrum while all the other passengers started at me like I was some kind of teenage scum rebelling against public transport. I eventually stormed off the bus and walked the rest of the way which took over an hour as I got lost twice. I hope I never have to meet him again.