What does life really give you for free?

I’ve always loved (and agreed with) the saying ‘people who say money can’t buy you happiness obviously don’t know where to shop’.
I am also constantly told by my mum that ‘nothing in life is for free’
As she shouted this in my face while I was trying to convince her that I could get an unused arctic monkeys cd on ebay for 50p, it got me thinking , what does life really give you for free?
1. Life. 99% of the time baby’s are born for free
2. Family. Apparently the most important thing in the world. My opinion on this changes hourly.
3. Friends. Usually these are free unless you are massively rich and attract gold diggers.
4. Love. Same as above.
5. Mini toothpastes on the front desk at the orthodontist.
6. Unwanted Arabian songs when you update itunes.
7. An imagination. People tend to loose this when they are about 12 but try to hang on to it. Its the most valuable thing you are born with.
8. A sense of humor. It may not seem like it but everyone has one and, unfortunately, its not something you can buy.
9. Laughter. It really is the best and cheapest medicine there is.
10. The ability to make someone else smile. It doesn’t take much to make someone smile and it will make you feel a million times better if you do.

So there you have it. 10 things life gives you for free and an argument for when your mum tells you ‘nothing in life is for free’


Where my money goes

This morning I opened my purse. Big mistake. I discovered I own 60p. Out of all the money in the UK, 60p of it is mine. This got me thinking, where does my money really go? Time for a detailed analysis!
1. Clothes. And a lot of them. When I turned 14 my mum introduced something called a ‘clothing allowance’. This meant she would give me a certain amount of money a month under the agreement that I would buy all my clothes. This was meant to teach me about the value of money which it did, after I spent it all in topshop within the first two days of the month.
2. Food. Food, just like clothing, is essential. But maybe not in the quantity I buy it. I mean lunch in town a few times a month or the odd dinner at nandos is fine, but I have this thing where if i have, say, 50p left in my purse I have to spend it. And what’s the best thing you can buy for 50p? FOOD! Yeah, I’m just hoping my overly effective metabolism lasts me a very long time.
3. Train tickets train tickets train tickets. If you are a regular visitor here (not that I have many) you will have read about some traumatic train experiances. Despite these, I absolutely love trains and will get one at any excuse I have. Infact, on one boring Sunday afternoon, me and my friend bought a ticket, got on the next train and just sat there. We ended up riding all the way to Liverpool Street. And I live in South Essex.
5. Books. I love books. I read so much it probably takes me, on average, around a week to get through the normal 300 page book. I have 6 shelves in my room just full off books. And I’m running out of space so they are now beginning to build up in piles on the floor.
6. Other tickets. Cinema, bus, the peer, you get the picture.
7. Jewellery. I’m not sure if this counts as clothing but I buy and wear so much of it it deserves its own category. My current love is rings. I wear like 10 just on one hand.
8. Presents. Aww aren’t I so lovely and selfless? But seriously, birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family cost SO MUCH! I’ve decided to knit my friends Christmas gifts this year. Wow. I’m such a granny.

So, that’s what I spend my money on! I wander how much I could save if I only bought what I really needed?