A hair product I’ve fallen in love with

I am not a beauty blogger, nor have I ever done a beauty post, nor did I ever think I would. However, I have fallen in love. With a curl enhancing hair mousse. And I really need to rave about it. I picked up this product in Superdrug during a cheeky little shopping trip on Saturday and it is the best purchase I have ever made. I am always on the hunt for new hair products to satisfy my needy locks but I think that quest can finally stop now.

If you have curly/frizzy/wavy hair then this product is the ultimate lifesaver. I have always had trouble with my hair as I want to enhance the curls, stop fizziness and keep it smooth and healthy which, as I’m sure many of you know, is an impossible task… until now. I have tried dozens of hair products in the past to try and tame my locks from shampoos to serums and foams to oils, but have never found anything that quite satisfied my needs. They always either flattened my hair, dried it out, or left the ends broken and crispy.

I spotted this product in Superdrug and I’d never seen or heard of it before so decided to pick it up and give it a go, and boy am I glad I did! This new favourite product of mine is Tresemme curl defining mouse.



I’ve used it everyday since I bought it at the weekend and I am certainly not disappointed. Unlike any other ‘curl defining’ products I’ve used before, it left my hair feeling really soft and healthy instead of dry and sad. It also feels really weightless and left my hair super curly but got rid of nearly every trace of frizz. Surprisingly, this product works a lot better than it’s more pricy competitors and, since it has the tiny price tag of £4.99, there are a lot of them!

Although it has steps on the bottle (which are probably better) I didn’t notice until taking the photo’s for this post so have kind of adopted my own methods. You should probably follow the Tresemme experts but I’ll tell you my technique anyway…

For newly washed hair:

  1. Towel dry hair until it is damp.
  2. Shake bottle and squeeze 2 or 3 pumps onto your hand, depending on length and thickness of your hair.
  3. Flip head upside down and scrunch mousse into hair, making sure it is covers it all, including the roots .
  4. Using a diffuser, blow dry hair upside down, scrunching slowly with hands as you do so.
  5. When dry, set curls with hair spray and scrunch a tiny bit of tresemme mousse into the ends.

For second or third day hair:

  1. Dampen hair slightly using an old body spay bottle (or something similar) filled with water.
  2. Shake tresemme bottle well and squeeze 2 or 3 pumps onto your hand.
  3. Flip head upside down and scrunch into hair, making sure its all covered including roots.
  4. Flip head back up and use a paddle brush to slightly tease roots.
  5. Flip head back up upside down and spray with hairspray to create more volume.

I have to admit, although the bottle boasts that it ‘hydrates & nourishes, extra smooth, defined curls and adds healthy shine’ I was sceptical at first due to past experiences but I am not in any way disappointed. If you have curly or frizzy hair I really do urge you to go and pick up a bottle of this hair nectar as it’s the only product my hair has ever loved… you should probably also follow the instructions on the back. 


Having curly hair

I have rather strange hair I suppose. It’s not exactly ‘curly’ but it is most definitely not straight. What I mean by that is, I don’t have ringlets but my hair is still uncontrollable and vaguely afro like. If you have hair like me please inform me.

Anyway, the reason for this post is, I need to clear up a few things.

  1. Just because my hair is more… textured than most does not mean I can ‘do anything with it’. This is an assumption made by most of my friends as they daily ask me why I have my hair just hanging there is no particular style at all. The reason for that is, it has become to thick to even fit in a hair band. I am not joking.
  2. I physically cannot straighten my hair. Well, I probably could, it would just take a large amount of time from my day. And by large amount of time I mean 5 hours. I get many a comment about ‘how nice my hair would look straight’, but what these people don’t understand is I do not particularly want to get up at 3am in order to straighten my locks when they would only frizz up again at the slightest hint of moisture in the air.
  3. Having thick hair is not better. Well, if you have thin hair you would probably disagree but mine is simply out of control. Like I mentioned, it has become too thick to fit in a hair band which has caused great problems whilst trying to restrain it in a reasonably neat bun for ballet. *sigh* I need a hair cut.
  4. On the subject of hair cutting, imagine if every time you went for a trim you ended up at the hair dressers for 3 hours. That is a reality for me, there’s only so long I can string out conversations about the weather, my GCSE’s and Corrie.
  5. And finally. The assumption that has always bothered me the most. Having wavy hair does not mean I can simply get up and not do anything with it. I wake up with, quite literally, a birds nest on my head. Every morning. Controlling it involves a great process of combing, washing, drying, frizz easing and hair spraying. Unfortunately I sometimes do not wake up in time for this extensive hair regime and end up a matted mess for the entire school day.

Maybe I should just shave my head.

Anyway, I’m sure if you have straight hair you have a list just as long full of things you hate about your locks and would give anything for a bit more texture. I suppose everyone wants what they can’t have but we can’t change our genes, so embrace the characteristics you’ve been given. However much I may rant and rave about my hair, on a good day I love it, and I guess that’s what we all need to learn to do. Love ourselves for who we are.

Thanks for reading!

My autumn/fall essentials

So here it is guys. The sun has reclined back to Australia and the clouds are rearing their ugly heads. This can only mean one thing. Autumn is here! I spend 50% of my life convincing myself that autumn and winter are my favorite seasons, which they are, until they actually turn up.  Anyway, along with autumn comes a big BIG BIG essentials list I convince myself to minimize my bank balance on. Before you read the rest of this post, here is a warning. If you have access to more that 10 pounds, you will most likely spend it.

  1. Tracksuit bottoms. And the occasional matching top. Before you judge me just imagine this. You are snuggled up on a sofa with a cup of hot choccy with marshmallows and cream (of course) watching you favorite film with the warmest matching trackies on. You may as well just start saving now.
  2. Candles. The sort of spicy candles that smell of Christmas. Come on, there’s only 67 days left!
  3.   Uggs. These are a bit like marmite. You either love them or hate them. However, just like me and marmite, we go through phases. At the moment, to the disgust of some of my fashion-impaired friends, I love them and they have been keeping my toes toasty and warm since the 2nd of October.
  4.  Lip balm. As the central heating goes up, lip health goes down, and I just can’t stand a chapped lip. Due to this pet hate, I have invested in a number of lip balms in the past couple of weeks. I would recommend Burts Bee’s, Palmers, carmex or the good old trusty Vaseline.
  5.  Pajamas. My life just feels incomplete without at least three pairs of pj’s. During summer, pajama shorts are essentially my best friend but now the winter months have commenced, I wouldn’t be able to get by with out a couple of pairs of the good old checkered pj’s.
  6.  Moisturizer. A small obsession of mine at the moment. Weather it’s face hands or body, you name it and I probably have it.
  7. Internet shopping. I am a self confessed shopaholic. Although I rarely actually have the money to buy these things, during the cold seasons, it is a favorite pass time of mine to browse the web, wishing and admiring, without having to leave the comfort of my own bedroom.
  8.  A camera. Even if its just a phone camera, this is a personal essential for me. There are just so many beautiful things that come with autumn; the leaves, flowers, frosty mornings, dewy spider webs. in my opinion, they’re all far to lovely to be forgotten.
  9. Dark lipsticks. Winter and autumn are times to indulge in the usually frowned upon dark lipsticks. At the first opportunity I had I went more that a little over the top in superdrug and bought four gorgeous lip colors, my personal favorite begin a beautiful plumby red.
  10.   Soup. I love soup.
  11. And last but not least, dressing up costumes! Halloween is quickly approaching and no matter how old you are, you can shove on a pair of cat ears and go trick or treating or have a couple of friends round for a Halloween party! I am personally planning on dressing up as a pumpkin. Original I know.

So those are my autumn essentials. I hope I didn’t persuade you to spend all your money.

10 ways to spruce up your room super cheaply

Last weekend I decided it was time to ditch the 10 year old pink fairy themed room and give the place I spend the majority of my time a bit of a spruce up. However, I have next to no money so had to think up a couple of creative ways to decorate for super cheap and decided to share them with you!

  1. Tidy on a regular basis. I know it won’t change the fairy theme but its a start and will make re-decorating seem much less daunting.
  2. Hoover on a regular basis. I know its a pain but it makes a huge difference, especially if you are like me and constantly have a layer of fabric scraps and paper on your floor
  3. Photos. I made a photo wall on the chimney breast in my room and, if I may say so myself, it looks amazing. This is super cheap as when you first sign up to most photo printing sights they give you 60 or so free and after that, they’re only about 10p so you can keep refreshing that wall!
  4. Make a wall organizer. All you need is a couple of material scraps and a youtube tutorial.
  5. Sweet jars. If you have a couple of big, old empty sweet jars then great! But, if like me, you don’t go to a big store such as the range and you can find plastic replicas for super cheap. Then fill them up with all the bits and bobs which don’t have a place.
  6. Poster wall. I created a poster wall above my bed by going through all my old magazines and ripping out pictures of bands I like and pretty adverts. I also picked up a couple of fashion magazines for about five pounds and padded it out with fashion and cosmetic adverts.
  7. Candles. You can get some really lovely candles in pound land and I picked up 3 of these for my room. They give some extra decoration and smell amazing.
  8. Bunting. Pick out three fabrics which go with your room. You will only need a small amount and you may even find what you need in the scrap box at your local fabric shop! Cut each different fabric into three diamonds, depending on how large you want the bunting. fold them in half and iron them flat then lay some sturdy string along the crease, with each diamond about two inches apart. Fold them over and sew using a sewing machine. You now have your own home made bunting!
  9. Jewelry wrack. If you are anything like me you have more jewelry than you know what to do with. I decided to tidy it up so bought a beautiful jewelry stand from a car boot for just two pounds.
  10. Mirrors. At the same car boot I picked up four gorgeous vintage style mirrors. I have hung them up as a sort of mirror collage and it looks so cute! All the mirrors together cost me just over five pounds.

Over all, sprucing up my room cost me only about 17 pounds and two days and trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.