Pay to pee?

Despite my traumatic experience with trains earlier this month, today me and my friends decided to take a trip to the beach with a disposable BBQ and a lot of bottles of drink.
Obviously this resulted in all of us needing to pee, little did we know the trouble this would cause us. It was one of those toilets where you have to insert a 50p coin (and a 50p coin only) to get through the turn style. Seriously, isn’t that a bit too much security for a toilet? But, not only did this toilet have a turn style, but a depressed middle aged man standing next to it to make sure no one climbed over. Wow. Talk about over protective.
Anyway, I did not have a 50p, but a £2 coin. I politely asked the man if he could swap me some change before he politely told me to ‘pee in the ocean if you ain’t got the change’. I told him my train came in half an hour so I couldn’t and that I was really desperate and could I please use the toilet. The answer, of course, was no. I ended up having to buy a drink in Starbuck so I could use their toilet and believe me it was a lot more expensive than 50p.
Anyway, this is when it occurred to me, when did it become acceptable to expect people to pay for something they physically have to do? Its not like we choose to pee, we would die if we didn’t so why does a middle aged man expect me to pay 50p to do so? This world confuses me.


Where has the summer gone?!

There are less than three weeks left of the summer holidays. Three weeks. And I have done no homework, or anything else for that matter.
Anyway, I’ve just realised i have to read all of ‘of mice and men’, write and essay on the punctuation of the first chapter, do a presentation on racism in the deep south during the 1900’s and do 20 pages of my GCSE art sketch book. There is no way I’m gonna do all that.
Well you know what they say, start the year as you mean to go on! Seriously. I’m screwed.

Technology wizz

The reason i haven’t posted in a while is my phone broke. I know that doesn’t sound like a reason but let me explain. My phone is the only bit of technology I own and therefore what I blog from. I don’t have a computer and my mums one wad broken, my sister won’t let me within a two mile radius of her precious iphone and my dad has a Nokia brick.
This meant my life was essentially over for those 5 days. My friends also decided to plan everything for the next 3 weeks of the holidays during that time so I’ll be spending them so alone.
Anyway, I have a new phone now and life is back on track. I’ve also decided my birthday present will definitely be a laptop, you know, for emergency’s like this.

I’m back!

Yeah I had a great time on holiday thank for asking! If you didn’t, well, rude.
I am also having serious jet-lag like I have no idea what time it is and I have been asleep for an entire day and night. This is not only due to the time difference but I also came home on a night flight. This would have been vaguely enjoyable if it weren’t for the row of drunk men behind me singing at 1 in the morning. Seriously? They should not serve beer on planes. We where also served breakfast at 6 in the morning. This is perfectly acceptable… except for the fact it was 2am Canada time, which is where I had just come from. This was a breakfast of frozen croissant. You try spreading frozen butter on a frozen croissant. Does not work.
We where flying on one of those planes where first class is double decker and has beds and a gym. You also have to walk through first class, then business class and ’emerald’ class (what even?) to get to economy class. Although economy class is perfect nice and comfortable, it seems a lot less so once you’ve walked through all the other’s with leg room and beds.
Anyway, my fears of crashing and dying did not come true and I survived both flights. Hooray for me!


It’s the first day of the holidays and I’m already bored. It’s 1 in the afternoon and I’ve already eaten lunch; washed up; done half an hour of pointe practice; rated every song on my ipod out of five; made my hamster an assult course; watched 4 episodes of friends and learnt how to do a flip on my trampoline. My idea of a lazy day is going fabulously.