Dream Diary 3

If I shared every dream I have with you (a lot) there would be at least four dream diary’s a week. Instead, I only share the more interesting or… weird ones. Anyway, last night there was a very very creepy one that left me confused for about three hours afterwords.

So I’m playing slender man on a Nintendo DS in my art class with my cousin which is weird cause she lives in Germany. Suddenly my English teacher walked in with her plans for a theme park she was building in the car park of the school. I dropped my DS on the floor, where is smashed, so I began crying which is when my cousin announced she was pregnant. To cheer me up my English teacher asked if I wanted ride on her roller coaster. I hate roller coasters but I didn’t want to seem rude, plus there where a load of year 11’s filling into my art room for an assembly. I got to the theme park which was clown themed (help I hate clowns) and I was forced onto the roller coaster with loads of overweight boy scouts. It looked like a small roller coaster so I was fine, until it suddenly became as high as saw the ride. This was then I fainted.

I then woke up and was like ‘thank god that was dream’ at which point an iPhone alarm went off and I couldn’t work out how to make it stop. Eventually it kinda faded out and I walked out of my room to find a giant blue paint stain on the floor. My mum walked up the stairs and shouted at me because it was ‘all my fault’. I then realized the paint was all over me and broke down in tears because I was a criminal. Mum phoned the police who came instantly and took me across the sea, in the police car, to France. I was then sentenced to death and you honestly have no idea the huge sinking feeling in my stomach at that point. I honestly felt the worst fear I have ever felt in my life.

Anyway, that’s when I woke up properly and spent about 10 minutes rolling around in my bed completely confused about weather I was in reality or not.

Apparently ‘having a dream within a dream means I am concerned or feeling anticipated about the next mornings activities’. Hmmm… I don’t remember being concerned about getting arrested for spilling paint.


Dream Diary 2

I was having an arranged marriage to Tom from Mcfly in Vegas in an entirely yellow room. When I was standing at the alter I was really nervous because my previous marriage to Louis Tomlinson hadn’t worked out. Tom then walking in wearing a superman costume and we where married by the speaking hat from harry potter.
I was then on a carriage ride back to a hotel with my mum, sister and
grandma. My grandma was encouraging me to have sex with Tom but my mum threw her out the window shouting ‘my baby’s too young’.
We got back to the hotel and Tom was there and I felt like crying because I didn’t want to be married. He made me a cup of coffee and told me to sit on the giant cot we had instead of a bed. He told me I was pregnant and when I looked down I had a massive bump. I rang up my grandma and then I woke up. Yeah. I don’t even know.

I can’t sleep.

I can’t sleep. I know this may seem like a ridiculously early time to go to bed but with my mucked up body clock, this is late.
I’m not entirely sure why i am having this problem tonight. I usually fall asleep literally as my head hits the pillow but tonight oh no, my body has other ideas. Instead, I fell into a strange vortex of ‘Conscious sleep’ in which I was awake and asleep at the same time and unable to distinguish between reality and dreams. This lead to a strange ‘dream’ about having a giant pet spider in a cage that attacked me through the bars by stroking my back when I tried to leave the house. Yeah… I don’t even know.
Anyway, I’m now fully awake and boiling hot but too scared to take of my covers incase of a giant spider attack. I think I might join my dad in endless family guy repeats untill 3am. Wish me luck!

Dream Diary

So my plane crashed onto a desert island and everything was to bright so I couldn’t open my eyes. When I did, my dad was there and I told him there where 3 other islands so when we ran out of food we could move on. This was very exciting. I started to explore the other islands and suddenly a gregs the bakery van drove up. I then realised the island was inhabited. I went back to my dad and told him that I had found the ‘mainlands’. He asked what the mainlands where so I told him that it was a neighbouring island. We went there and there was a huge crowd around the gregs van. I then went around the island in a car from mario kart before returning to the gregs van. I tried to steal a loaf of bred but was caught and sentenced to 18 and a half years…. Dreams are weird.