The fascination of science tables

There is something truly fascinating about science tables which I only fully appreciated today.

Whilst in the middle of an extraordinarily boring physics lesson, I could think of nothing better to do than read the tables, something I have never properly done before.

Since there where a couple of interesting things I discovered, I spotted a good blogging (and list) opportunity.

(If you don’t know what I mean by ‘reading the tables’, at my school we have those big old wooden science desks engraved with decades worth of carvings)

  1. The first thing I discovered is ‘Bailey hearts Daniel’. Ahh the classic, engrave the name of you and your year seven boyfriend in a desk so students for years to come will know about your short lived relationship. From the large scribble over the top(which, due to a large ink stain at the end, appeared to have been drawn with such anguish the pen broke), I can deduce that the relationship did not end on good terms.
  2.  ‘Malcolm has a tiny dick’. Another fascinating discovery accompanied by a drawing which I will leave to your imagination.
  3. ‘I hate science’  ‘I HATE YOU!’  A lovely conversation scratched into the table, destined to be read for years to come.
  4. A collection of surprisingly well drawn eyes with the comment ‘swagtastic’  sprawled beneath. Weather these two engravings where made by the same person, or if they are even connected, will remain a mystery.
  5. ‘I ❤ you’  ‘I ❤ you 2’. At first  I wondered if this beautiful and heart felt message was written by courting buddy’s who fell madly in love over the flame of a bunsen burner, or perhaps friends who felt the need to express  their affection for each other in the middle of chemistry. However, after close inspection, and a consultation with my lab partner, I discovered these two messages where written in the same hand writing.
  6. The words ‘tick if bored’, followed by a series of ticks in thick black white board marker. A classic and truthful doodle.
  7. A pair of badly drawn science googles with the words ‘stay safe’ above them. Weather this was drawn in a sarcastic way or by a true safety fanatic we will never know.
  8. ‘Miss… (Lets call her Miss X)’ drawn in red marker pen with a wobbly heart shape surrounding it.Since the sharpee fumes could still be detected lingering in the air, I can only assume this was drawn in a sarcastic manner by a member of the class who had just departed from double biology.
  9. A rather touching poem entitled ‘f*ck’

                 F*ck science, F*ck this school, F*ck the world and F*ck you to’

    Apart from the fact this is rude and sloppily rhymed, I was quite impressed. That many words engraved that deeply in a table takes time and dedication.

  10. And finally ‘0892635746335 call for sexy times x’. Hmm… maybe not?

I hope you enjoyed that journey through my science table, and believe me, there where plenty more engravings to busy myself with.

Thanks for reading!


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